• Quiet Music with Awkward Boys Tour Starts Friday

    This Friday, my tour with Beach Weather will begin with a show at Portal Studio in Mobile, AL. 

    The rest of the dates are in Florida and Georgia, so if you're near any of these places, we'd love for to come see us! I'll give you a high five, probably. (Tour dates listed on picture below)

    Also, here is a great article that talks about my Libert Square EP and the tour: http://www.al.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2013/08/mobile_composer_edward_appleby.html

    Both Magic Kingdom EPs are now available for free, via noisetrade.com. Any tips you give will go directly to helping cover gas expenses for the tour, as Beach Weather and I are funding this thing out of pocket. 

    I hope to see you soon!


  • St. Vincent and David Byrne Together Again

    Following the success of their album Love This Giant, David Byrne and St. Vincent have released a free EP called Brass Tactics to promote their upcoming tour (which will feature an 8 piece brass ensemble). According to Byrne himself, the EP features “one song that didn’t make it on the record (a waltz featuring some lovely glass harmonica), a couple of energized remixes of some of the album tunes and two live tracks of the sort of more familiar material we do in the set.”

    The duo’s collaborations are much more approachable than one might expect, making up for the arty aspects of the music with grooving brass arrangements that make the music hit the body way before it hits the head. I highly suggest you check out the album or at least watch the video for “Who” below.

    The EP is worth downloading even if only for the live version of St. Vincent’s “Marrow” from her album, Actor. I’ve always felt the studio version of “Marrow”, while good in its own right, lacked some of the fire of some of St. Vincent’s live performances of the song. I'm happy because this arrangement provides me with a high-quality live recording, meaning I won’t have to keep watching bootleg Youtube videos of her Letterman performance over and over.

    Download Brass Tactics and check out tour dates here: http://lovethisgiant.com/brasstactics/

  • Where in the World is Edward Appleby?

    I have not been very active on the internet over the past few months, but don’t worry: I’m still alive (as far as I can tell). I guess it’s not unusual for a musician to go this amount of time without releasing new material, but when, over a span of two years, you make countless mistakes release countless EPs, you start to feel lazy for not sticking with that pace.

    Don’t worry though, I will have new music out soon (as far as I can tell).

    I haven’t been completely inactive though. In addition to working on more Magic Kingdom EPs and maybe even a short film, I’ve been doing all sorts of fun things:

    Earlier this year, I shot and directed a music video for a song called “Still LIfe” by Beach Weather, the musical project of Henry Armbrecht, whose music I recently described as “sleepy” in a completely loving and positive way. Armbrecht once garnered musical fame regionally for a not-to-be-named electronic power-pop emo band in which he sang and played keytar (that part’s not a joke) and apparently lived out a stereotypical-rock-star mini-character-arc before even graduating high school.

    He’s now older, wiser, a bit more mature (he claims) and is making really nice, soothing music that sounds like it could be the soundtrack to a Miranda July film.


    I’m also, on occasion, playing bass for hip-hop act Regenerates. They have an album coming out in a few days called “Bad Dreams” and if you’re into things like Kanye West, good musicianship and creativity (i.e. you’re a human being) listen to the first single which samples "Angel of Mercy" by moonguys.

    And speaking of moonguys, they recently recorded a song I wrote a few years ago in a failed band attempt called Jomps. The song, called "Summertime" (not to be confused with the jazz standard that I unfortunately did not write) is a sort of summer anthem birthed out of a time when I was trying to find meaning and adventure in a season notoriously chock-full of it (at least in the movies).

    I’m personally more of a winter flower, feeling emboldened and reinvigorated by the cold air. The heat of summer in Alabama drains me, and my skin doesn’t hold up well under ultraviolet scrutiny. Still, as I grow older and slowly see the freedom associated with summer fade away, I feel nostalgic. I want that adventure.

    So, the song is in some ways about a rebellion against an adulthood we are expected to step into after college where summer vacation doesn’t really exist and a willingness to give up a normal life to escape it. I hope the mood is the angsty transition-period-of-life existential crisis Noah Baumbach would make a movie about. 

    I hope you enjoy all of these things, and I hope I’ll be in touch more frequently in the coming months.

    -Edward Appleby